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Taylor Sensiba-Alberts Friday, 4/24/09, 11:27 AM

Just wanted to say Hi and love the new pictures! Hope all is going well, Miss you! Taylor

From: Michigan

Email: racergirl50@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  my loving aunt Mary :)

Robin Wednesday, 4/8/09, 2:45 PM

Wonderful new pictures of all the BORN TO ACT PLAYERS. Robin

From: Los Angeles

Email: ntbatmn@aol.com

How did you find our site?  friend

Theresa Saturday, 4/4/09, 4:55 AM

Mary the cast photo updates are great... So happy they got posted... Theresa

From: Anaheim

Email: erin4ver1@aol.com

Susan Rodwig Sunday, 3/29/09, 8:03 PM

Dearest Mary and all of the BTAP, I haven't been to see you for awhile, but I want you to know that I think of you often. Your group is wonderful and I am so thrilled every show I go to see. Mary - You make this world a better place.

From: Woodland Hills

How did you find our site?  I met Mary at Leichman H.S.

Irene Smith Saturday, 1/17/09, 11:21 PM

I would like to become a member

From: Los Angeles

Email: igaroqui

How did you find our site?  friend

Irene Q. Thursday, 12/11/08, 9:49 PM

I would like to become a member

From: Los Angeles

Email: garoqui@aol.com

  Thursday, 12/11/08, 8:39 PM

CISSY WELLMAN Thursday, 9/18/08, 9:04 AM



Email: cissyw@earthlink.net

How did you find our site?  MARY RINGS

lynne goldklang Monday, 9/15/08, 12:59 PM

The hills were alive with the sound of your music and so were the valleys and flatlands. Your singing, dancing and acting were magical. You could see sparks of light in the eyes of so many in the audience as laughter mixed with tears. Each of you brought your special talents and zest to the glorious songs featured in BACK TO BROADWAY. You changed costumes with the speed of light and knew your entrances and exits. The hard work and hours of practice resulted in two performances that rocked and soared!! It was very fitting that the show was in a spiritual setting because you were inspiring-- touching hearts and changing minds. BTAP = Beautiful, Talented, Accomplished, Professional--that's you--the wondrous Born To Act Players! Cheers and onward to the next production! Much love always, Lynne Goldklang

From: BTAP

Email: lgoldklang@roadrunner.com

Paul Thursday, 8/21/08, 9:58 AM

Pleasure meeting you the other day!

From: SFV

Email: Pweitz2978@aol.com

How did you find our site?  Met you guys in shuttle

melissa winchester Thursday, 8/7/08, 12:55 PM

Great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it! Hope I'll get to see a live performance someday!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

From: michigan

melissa winchester Thursday, 8/7/08, 12:53 PM

Teri Von Ende Friday, 7/11/08, 4:48 PM

Nicole Von Ende, my daughter is now enrolled in Mary's Saturday drama class and loves it!!!! It is a blessing to find a class like this for kids like Nicole and a teacher with the dedication like Mary! Teri Von Ende

From: Leichman High School

Web Site: Kidsqwest

Email: teriv1@pacbell.net

How did you find our site?  we know Mary Rings

parth bhatt Wednesday, 6/18/08, 4:25 PM

himy name is parth , i am dignosied with down syndrome when i was born , i am highscool garduate. i am intrested in acting how can i joint school , please send me information about your program . i am 18 years old. thank you i will wait for your reply.

From: diomandbar , ca

Email: pankhadi1234@yahoo.com

How did you find our site?  dsala.org

  Wednesday, 6/18/08, 4:17 PM

pallavi dave Wednesday, 6/18/08, 4:17 PM


Email: pankhadi1234@yahoo.com

Diane Tobin Saturday, 4/12/08, 1:33 PM

Hello, I am interested in getting my son Jason involved with your acting group. He is 35 years old and loves to perform. He was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at age 3 and is high functioning. Please call me with information as to how I can sign him up! Thanks, Diane 818-378-2835 (cell) 818-703-8284 (home)

From: Woodland Hills

Email: dltobin23@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  LA Times Article

Lori Beth Jenkins Wednesday, 3/12/08, 4:37 PM

Hi Mary Do you remember me? Lori Beth from Bobby McGee's? If you get this message send me an e-mail. I hope you are doing well!

From: Pennsylvania

Email: peregrin93@comcast.net

nancy briggs Saturday, 3/8/08, 12:57 AM

wonderful. thank you for letting all these people show their talents. music nourishes the soul, and acting helps with interaction with others, and just plain entertain! thank you, thank you.

From: vancouver, b.c.

Web Site: n/a

Email: briggsbee@shaw.ca

How did you find our site?  michael boldireff is my nephew

Denise Varisco Friday, 3/7/08, 4:38 PM

The Our Town layout is very nicely done. Congrats for putting on such a great show !

From: Valley Village, CA

Email: Tahanet09@yahoo.com

How did you find our site?  The lovely Mary, of course...

Theresa Wednesday, 3/5/08, 2:18 PM

Great slide show, I really enjoyed it. Theresa

From: Anaheim

Email: erin4ver1@aol.com

How did you find our site?  Mother of a BTAP

lynne Goldklang Monday, 2/25/08, 12:18 PM

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO TO THE BORN TO ACT PLAYERS and everyone who helped to make OUR TOWN the "toast of the town"! There was magic in the air as you thrilled both of your standing room only audiences. People were laughing and crying--so deeply touched by what was unfolding before their eyes. So many people came up to me to say how inspired they were by you and by the important messages about life that are as true today as they were all those years ago when Thorton Wilder wrote his masterpiece. The audiences loved the play and they loved you. All your hard work--memorizing, rehearsing, becoming your characters, just showing up--all those efforts resulted in an unforgettable theatre experience. The right play at the right time performed by actors with heart and soul can change lives. I believe you did that. I know you changed mine. CONGRATULATIONS!! Love, Lynne Goldklang

From: los angeles

Email: lgoldklang@roadrunner.com

Cathy Pierce Thursday, 2/21/08, 5:39 PM

Dear Born To Act Players, Congratulations on your excellent performance of "Our Town". My family and I truly enjoyed every minute of it and we didn't want it to end!!!!! You were all fantastic!!!! You are all truly amazing actors!!! Best wishes to you in your next show. We can't wait to see you!!!!!! With much love, Cathy and Lance Pierce Esther and Len Ross

From: Fred Lull Special Education Center

Email: cpierce2@socal.rr.com

Terri Delaney Friday, 2/1/08, 2:17 AM

Greetings fellow thespians my name is Terri Delaney and i have been facilitating drama, movement and music performances with people with unique abilities for well over a decade now!!! i am going to be in California at the end of march/april and i'm wondering about getting to meet you all i will be in mountain view near san jose and i didn't plan to go to LA but i'm very interested in what you are all doing are you in rehearsal at that time are you performing i look forward to hearing from you at some point soon take care of each other and enjoy the moments Terri

From: Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Email: mizterri@activ8.net.au

How did you find our site?  searching

Merrie Schmidt Saturday, 1/26/08, 7:23 PM

Lovely! Today's dress rehearsal for OUR TOWN was a real inspiration. I look forward to helping out somehow. Blessings on your work! Love, Merrie

From: Highland Hall Waldorf School

Email: merrieschmidt@gmail.com

How did you find our site?  referral from Mary Rings

Merrie Schmidt Saturday, 1/26/08, 7:19 PM

From: Highland Hal A

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Theresa Dieriex Wednesday, 12/19/07, 9:41 AM

Everyone who did High School Musical on Saturday the 15th was AWESOME!!!!!! Theresa

From: Anaheim

Email: erin4ver1@aol.com

EVANGALINE Wednesday, 11/28/07, 6:59 AM


Web Site: desiree11

Email: mailto:www.sh_iffy@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  gail williamson

Lois Winchester Sunday, 9/16/07, 11:50 AM

So proud of all of you. Keep up the wonderful work. God bless you in All YOU DO . hOPINg TO SEE ANOTHER SHOW SOON. lOVE lOIS

From: Middleville Michigan

How did you find our site?  Mary Rings

Lois Winchester Sunday, 9/16/07, 11:47 AM

So prooud of all of you. Keep up the wonderful work. God bless you in LL YOU DO . hOPINF TO SEE ANOTHER SHOW SOON. lOVE lOIS

From: Middleville Michigan

How did you find our site?  Mary Rings

Lois Winchester Sunday, 9/16/07, 11:45 AM

From: Middleville Michigan

Lois Winchester Sunday, 9/16/07, 11:44 AM

Rachel Arno Tuesday, 9/4/07, 11:42 AM

So nice to see the Born to Act Players and Mary Rings and Glenn Powell on the Internet. It's a great group of people and I miss them and miss the time I spent with them. When my life settles down a bit, I would love to come by and visit on a Saturday morning at the college. Continued good luck. Some of the kids have grown so much. With Love and Affection for all Rachel

From: Los Angeles

Email: bluudragon@yahoo.com

How did you find our site?  google

Lynne Goldklang Sunday, 7/29/07, 9:28 PM

Bravo to the cast and crew of "In The Moment". My friend and I attended this afternoon and loved every moment. Good theater, for me, means being entertained and deeply moved emotionally. Today was very good theater. I laughed and cried as the moments flew by so quickly. The acting was filled with heart and soul as well as fun loving spirit. I'm so glad to know about this troupe. I hope to see you next Saturday at your rehearsal. Love, Lynne Goldklang

From: LA(near Universal City)

Email: lgoldklang@roadrunner.com

How did you find our site?  I've been on before.

Theresa Dieriex Thursday, 7/12/07, 5:53 PM

Love to see the updates

From: Anaheim

Email: erin4ver1@aol.com

Lynne Goldklang Thursday, 7/5/07, 9:07 PM

I am a grandma of 5, my youngest granddaughter (l8mo.)has DS so when I saw the play at Valley college based on JOhn Wooden's book, I felt as though I was everyone of the actors grandma. I hope to see other plays and am assuming that the information will be on this website. If not, my phone number is (323)874-5097. Are there any volunteer opportunities. I divide my time between LA(I'm a psychotherapist in Valley Village) and San Diego where my granddaughter lives so I don't have unlimited availability but do have some time to offer, if needed. MOst of all, I look forward to your next performance. Love, Lynne Goldklang

From: Los angeles

Email: lgoldklang@roadrunner.com

How did you find our site?  googled the name after seeing one of your plays

Bryan Miller Monday, 4/30/07, 2:07 PM

From: North Hollywood

Web Site: ivoryslapper.com

Email: ivoryslapper@adephia.net

How did you find our site?  Mary Rings

Julie E. Masterson Monday, 4/23/07, 10:41 AM

Great site. Maybe you could add a sound file of one of your performed songs?

From: Thousand Oaks

Web Site: Early Childhood Education and Care

Email: julie@puconline.org

How did you find our site?  asking for the "born to act players"

Bill Masterson Friday, 3/30/07, 5:05 PM

Great site.

From: Northern Calif.

Email: wmasterson@pobox.com

How did you find our site?  From nephew Jerry Masterson

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Barbara-Jane Long (BJ) Sunday, 2/11/07, 10:00 PM

Hi There I am in the process of setting up my own theatre and voice workshops in Brisbane. Trained at NIDA in acting and voice Kristin Linklater method. Ive worked all over Australia acting and as a voice specialist. Last year the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland asked me to be mentor for one of their members and I loved it. I am now inspired to start a theatre company and I was searching the net to see who else was doing this. I would love to keep in contact to run by my process of getting it up and running. My initial aim is to train people with Down Syndrome in fun voice and theatre game workshops. Through this journey make them familiar with performance skills so that in the future they will be comfortable with performing. I would be very keen on sharing information if you are interested. Hope youve got the time Cheers BJ

From: Brisbane Australia

Email: barbarajanelong@yahoo.com.au

How did you find our site?  On Net Acting Vocal Coaches Down Syndrome REF

Nadine Wednesday, 2/7/07, 7:04 PM

From: Maryland

How did you find our site?  Down Syndrome Connection

Brittany krier Friday, 2/2/07, 7:27 PM

hello born to act players! oh i've missed you all so very much! i hope that al of you are well. i'm having a good time in sacramento. i'm in college and all is going quite well. mary you will be pleased to know that i am taking a modern dance class and its incredible! the practices i did with you have helped me alot. i recently did a poetry reading at the sacramento poetry club and i won 2nd place! it was a very proud moment for me! i wish you all could have been there. i've done little singing gigs here and there but nothing real big. i am doing a dance performance soon and i'm hoping i can send a copy to the class. i left my e-mail and i hope to here from someone soon! take care and much love! brittany

From: los angeles

Email: blitzkrier@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  actors intuition ;)

Douglas Sebern Friday, 1/5/07, 7:43 PM

A nice new site for the coming year. Nicely laid out and informative. Best to Mary, et. al., this New Year. Doug

From: Bozeman, Montana

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Ainsley Jo Phillips Saturday, 6/24/06, 8:08 PM

D.S. angels bless me, and I can never get enough of reading about them! You're doing a great service in how you're helping wonderful people to reach their potential while entertaining and educating a world!

From: Anderson, IN

Web Site: AJ's Absolutely Delicious Website

Email: AJ1952Chats@riversongs.tv

How did you find our site?  Started out with catching up with Chris Burke and went from there!

Patricia Gomez Tuesday, 5/30/06, 4:11 PM

Please send dates and times of your plays. My family would like to attend. I have a daughter who is 24 with down's and we would be interested in seeing the plays and attending. Please send emails of events. Thanks.

From: Los Angeles, CA

Email: zemog3rdcentury@aol.com

How did you find our site?  down's syndrome paretns group

Lara Sunday, 5/21/06, 1:24 PM

Hi Aunt Mary!!! I hope that you will do my Language Arts Teacher's play and send me a copy of it! I love you and can't wait to see you this summer! Tell Casey I say hi!!! ~Lara

From: MI

Email: purplepicklegirl@yahoo.com

How did you find our site?  I looked up a picture of you on Google Images and I saw your picture and it led to here

Grover Helsley Sunday, 3/12/06, 9:55 AM

Thank you for letting me be a part of the group.

From: Los Angeles, CA

Web Site: SendMeMovies.com

Email: Grover@sendmemovies.com

How did you find our site?  David Zimmerman

Lorena Egurvide Tuesday, 12/27/05, 9:54 PM

Great to see!

From: San Gabriel, CA

Email: egurvide5@hotmail.co,

How did you find our site?  My brother is proud to be a member of the born to act players. My family truley enjoy all the performances but most especially the work that is being done for individuals with DS. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Go ELVIS ~ We love you!

Lorena Egurvide Tuesday, 12/27/05, 9:51 PM

Great to see!

From: San Gabriel

Email: egurvide5@hotmail.co,

How did you find our site?  my brother is a member of the born to act players.

Donna Clubb Tuesday, 12/6/05, 3:09 PM

Margie Thomas told me to check out your website. My son is Down Syndrome. He is 37 years old. We might be interested in your program. Thank you, Donna

From: La Crescenta, CA

Email: donnaclubb@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  DSALA

evangaline taylor Monday, 12/5/05, 7:33 AM

From: austin,texas

Email: desiree.9yrs@netzero.com

How did you find our site?  gail williamson

Vicki Allen Wednesday, 11/2/05, 8:10 PM

Hi - I am the proud Mom of a young man, Luke, who has Down syndrome. He is 24 years old. He is a joy to us. He enjoys singing and dancing and is very funny!! He has a job and many other interests! He is proud of his accomplishments. He wants to get married and live independently. I am sure this will happen one day. I wish he could meet more adults with Down syndrome. Looking forward to watching the Nip/Tuck series with Bliar starring in it. Thanks for educating people about people with Down syndrome! Vicki Allen

From: Canada

Email: vallen@nexicom.net

How did you find our site?  Media release on young man with DS who is an actor

Mary James Mead Wednesday, 11/2/05, 10:13 AM

My son, Scott is 43, has Down Syndrome, highly functional and lives in a group home in conjunction with Misericordia. He also works at Lowes. My late husband began the very first group of parents with children who have DS. It is now NADS here in Chicago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your group. We lived in Connecticut for 10 years and could never find anything like this for Scott who at that time was very interested in performing. He no longer has that interest. I just want you to know how long a road this has been since 1961 but to see all that is available for these great people is a thrill. Scott was born when I was 21. I now am in shock when I realize what a fine contributor to society he is and how he has touched all the lives of everyone who knows him. Thank you, again. Mary Mead

From: Illinois

Email: mjames@sqadco.com

How did you find our site?  through NADS

  Wednesday, 11/2/05, 9:33 AM

Claire Garner Tuesday, 11/1/05, 4:00 PM

This is great! I have a little born actress with Down Syndrome and I wish we lived in CA.! I would definately sign her up! Claire

From: MA

Email: alltogethernow01@al.com

How did you find our site?  through a Downs Syndrome org.

Wayne Pere Tuesday, 10/11/05, 5:23 PM

Web Site: Wayne Pere

Email: wpere@hotmail.com

Karen Lambert Wednesday, 8/3/05, 8:15 AM

Dear Mary, I have viewed your web site with excitement and a hint of tears---I finally found the drama group I had heard about!!My son is 17 years old and has Down syndrome. He has taked Drama class each year in school and loves to perform. For the first time the other day when his friend's parent asked him what he wanted to do after high school, Joshua said "I want to be an actor". Are you accepting any new participants? I would love to get Joshua connected with your group and give him a chance at his dream. Can you help? Sincerely, Karen (562) 879-6914

From: Downey, Ca

Email: sipocoffee@gmail.com

How did you find our site?  DSALA Connection article

Lindsey Warren Tuesday, 6/14/05, 6:52 AM

The website is awesome!! It is great to see pictures of the performances since I am not often able to be there!

From: Boston, MA

Email: lindseyw5@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  Andrew Warren

Jack Ong Thursday, 5/26/05, 6:35 PM

I think the Born to Act Players are exceptional, and they're so blessed to have a professional actor and teacher like Mary to guide them. Every performance I've seen over the years has been a testament to the actors' natural gifts and to Mary Rings' unique ability and passion to bring out their very best. God bless Mary and the Born to Act Players! You deserve all the support we can give, because you give us so much.

From: Santa Monica, CA

Web Site: jackong.com / haingngorfoundation.com

Email: jack@jackong.com

How did you find our site?  Mary Rings told me!

Cynthia Reyes Fillmore Monday, 5/23/05, 6:29 AM

Hi Christine!

From: Monrovia, CA

How did you find our site?  Christine Young's mom

Linda Sites Thursday, 5/19/05, 12:19 PM

What a wonderful page..........of course I loved seeing Christine Young.

From: San Dimas, CA

Email: umlinda!msn.com

How did you find our site?  Dana Young

Rafael M. Zuniga Jr Tuesday, 5/10/05, 12:14 PM

Hello, it is great to hear and see that other people are willing and able to help others with special needs. I have worked with chidren with special needs and other than being very hard work it was a blessing to have worked with them. I would like to how you work? Are you funded by an organization or by a loving rich person? I myself am an actor...but with a pencil! I am an animator! I am producing a short with characters with special needs. If I need actors can I count on you guys? Let me know. Thank you for all that you do and God Bless. Rafael M. Zuniga Jr.

From: Rosemead CA

Email: rmzanim8@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  DSALA

Sharon Rowe Sunday, 5/8/05, 2:49 PM

What a great sight!!Was great to see all the kids in their different performances. I am a long time friend and fan of Christine Young and have known here since she was a wee one in preschool. It was fun to see her pictures of her performances seeing as I live so far away and am not able to see her in person. All the kids looked great and like they have alot of fun doing this. My hats off to all the great actors and actresses and those who work with them.

From: Susanville, CA

Email: diamondlady47@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  Dana Young recommended it

Michael Young Saturday, 5/7/05, 3:37 AM

Keep up the great work. I am very proud of all of you. Your fan (and brother) -Mike

From: Monrovia, California

Email: myoung@sullivans.navy.mil

How did you find our site?  Family

Ed and Jean Young Friday, 5/6/05, 3:35 PM

Christine Young Has a song deep in her heart and only she can her it. With Born to Act performers she expresses her special and magical talents with all of you that she truly loves. She wants everyone to be happy then you too will here her song and see her at her best. keep up the great work. Mr.Mrs. Young

From: Monrovia

Web Site: E&J

Email: ejy66@aol.com

How did you find our site?  Christines Youngs mother

Marina Boldireff Saturday, 4/16/05, 9:53 AM

The headshots look terrific! The website is wonderful. Congratulations! Much love to all, Marina & Sasha

From: Toronto, ON Canada

Email: anmfilms@hotmail.com

How did you find our site?  Michael Boldireff's - sister

Maureen Fitzhenry Thursday, 4/7/05, 8:18 AM

Our daughter Paula had a wonderful experience working with Mary, helpers and the Born to Act players. We look forward to seeing you this summer and were excited to find the web site. Love, Jack, Maureen and Paula Fitzhenry

From: Marblehead, MA

Email: maureenfitzhenry@msn.com

How did you find our site?  Gail W. forwarded

Julia Saturday, 2/26/05, 5:36 PM

Doug Sebern Friday, 2/18/05, 4:00 PM

Am delighted to discover that there are others with vision and heart. It doesn't suprise me that Mary would be one of them. Best

From: Montana

Email: Sebern2@sofast.net

How did you find our site?  Mary noted in letter

Doug Sebern Friday, 2/18/05, 3:58 PM

debbie Wednesday, 2/2/05, 12:53 PM

The Broadway show was fabulous. I really enjoyed it. The opening number,"There's no business like show business" was spectacular. Watching David and Sarah in "Sixteen going on Seventeen" was adorable. The girls in the "All that jazz" number were too cute. 'A whole new world" was so sweet. Glen and Jessica were so funny in "Honey Bun". Casey and Susie in the Oklahoma number was way too sweet. I did that show in high school so I am very fond of that number. I also so enjoyed watching Ben and David in "Hey There".Kristine Johnson In "singing in the rain" was too much. So many to comment on all the numbers. the actors were great and I truly enjoyed the show and seeing all my friends on stage. I can hardly wait for the next one. See you all soon. It was a job well done by all. Debbie

From: california

Lois Winchester Sunday, 1/30/05, 12:22 PM

Great Site, long overdue. Thank You!

From: Middleville, MI

How did you find our site?  Aunt of Casey

Debbie Bronsal Wednesday, 1/26/05, 5:49 PM

I am just so excited that you kids finally have a web site. i think it is fabulous so far and can hardley wait to watch it grow. I will check it often. I love all the pictures. The best part is that know i get to see you kids whenever i want. All I have to do is click! Love to all of you I am looking forward to seeing you in person this coming weekend.

From: Caifornia

Email: cccfairygirl@aol.com

How did you find our site?  Mary told me about it

Sheri Saturday, 1/22/05, 3:48 PM

I really loved the show today . . . Jan 22, 05. The website is great especially the pictures and cast info. . . tap your troubles away, I always say (see broadway show Mack & Mable) Love to all . . . Sheri :)

From: Los Angeles, CA

Email: WriterGirlie@aol.com

How did you find our site?  Mary Rings at the Show

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