Brush Up Your Shakespeare

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Mary Rings, Jessica, and Casey happy with the way the show went.
David Zimmerman played Prospero to Jessica's Ariel in a scene from "The Tempest."
Blair introduces "All The World's A Stage" lead by Kristine.
Michael Shaw with the cast of "All The World's A Stage."
Casey and Marcie reciting a sonnet.
Craig and Andrew.
David Zimmerman as Prospero from "The Tempest."
Ignacio and Ilya.
Jessica in a scene from "The Tempest."
John and Kristine J.
Susie and Christine Y. as Juliet and her nurse.
Kelly recites a sonnet.
Kevin and Christine Y.
Kevin and Marcie as Romeo and Juliet.
Landon and Adrian reciting a sonnet.
Larry Sargeant.
Marcie and Blair.
Mary Rings and Ben perform a scene from Hamlet.
Glenn leads a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Michael B.
Kelly, David Zimmerman, and Sarah ham it up in the dressing room.
Jerry Masterson, Michael Shaw, David Zimmerman, Larry Sargeant, and Ignacio.
Wayne Pere and Kristine J.